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Gold - W3 Awards 2016   - Online Video

Shortlist - Lusos Awards 2016 – Social Media

Selection - Creativity Online


SapientNitro São Paulo | 2016

Open English set out to reshape their brand in the region and attract young and affluent millennials. By developing an approach that was far removed from just a cheesy “hard sell” to a more sophisticated and aspirational brand message, they set out to engage and build a deeper connection with the public. 

With the Summer Rio 2016 Olympic games fast approaching, the brand chose to take advantage of the Olympic spirit in Brazil to deliver this new meaningful message, which merges the love of sport and language courses. 

Unlike most of the standard language schools that always promise miracles when it comes to the learning process, Open English was candid about the topic. Learning a new language can be tough and that’s not a secret (similar to pro-athlete marathon training). If you don’t train hard, you don’t reach your goals. That was our key message: that learning a new language, like English, is also a form of training! 

The sentiment came to life via a spot that showcased a professional runner is training for a major competition all while he is learning and practicing the English language for his winner’s speech – which had to be given in English (the language he just learned simultaneously to his marathon training). 

The spot went on to air on YouTube and has been shared on Facebook as well as Instagram with results trickling in.

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