Besides working, I do believe we ought to have a higher life mission and this is a part of mine: to bring any sort of wellness to those around me, empower people, create bonds between them in a deep and real level - and help them to connect with themselves. Besides being a copywriter, I am also a certified Yoga teacher, an astrologer and tarot reader. Who says creatives aren't crazy? But let me get to the point: life at an ad agency can sometimes suck. So, over the past 4 years I have developed a personal project to increase wellness and self knowledge inside the workplace through coaching individual sessions, which include yoga classes, tarot readings and astrology consultations, depending on what they need. 

Yes, this was by people's demand and eventually became big. To see the past, present, future... and fix what's not working. I also teach weekly yoga group lessons inside the agency. This type of coaching enables my co workers to have better results in concentration, stress management and mainly emotional balance. These tools help people to see the big picture and be empowered. I have had over 300 clients in the past 4 years during my spare time, including ECDs, CEOs and Directors from all agency areas. Therapeutic sessions help them to gain physical, mental and emotional wellness. It's also impressive to see how people go from colleagues to friends once they share a yoga mat.